[p4] Binary files always locked on "Open for Edit"?

Dave Lewis dlewis at vignette.com
Wed Mar 23 08:11:17 PST 2005

  > >
  > >> Is there a way to do this so only one person can checkout a binary
  > >> at a time?
  > >
  > > Check out the +l filetype modifier (p4 help filetypes)
  > Thanks, that works.
  > I do find that a bit screwy and unintuitive how Perforce makes you
  > handle file types for all of perforce by forcing you to open some
  > particular file for edit (even though you are trying to do it for all
  > of perforce), change that checked out file's filetype and then, _don't
  > forget_, if you forget the following then it doesn't take, you must
  > also check it in.  I don't turn the water supply to my house off by
  > shutting down my kitchen sink.

Maybe the comparision should be that you don't change the type of water
everybody else will get by turning on your kitchen sink.

but anyway, the slogan is:

Nothing happens until you submit!

you can do just about anything you want in perforce, and there
will be no problems and no effect on anybody else until you

The only exceptions that come to mind are editing/changing client specs
and branch specs, etc.... but that is still minimal.


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