[p4] Resolving changes to a delete file?

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Wed Mar 23 09:56:36 PST 2005

If your intent is to maintain the relationship between the old file name on 
the one branch and the new file name on the new branch, you should change 
your branch spec to map from the old file name to the new file name. If 
you're running 2004.2 the closest common ancestor will be automatically 
used. If you're using an earlier version, I recommend upgrading. If that's 
not feasible look into the -i and -I flags to integrate for your version. 
There were several changes over a couple of years, so the details can be 


At 09:44 AM 3/23/2005, Robin Charlton wrote:
>I want to integrate changes between 2 files on different branches but the 
>destination file no longer exists (as it has been renamed).
>It seems to me in this instance there are 2 options:
>1) recreate the file
>2) discard the change
> >From p4win only option 1 seems to be possible. However I want to resolve 
> the situation by discarding the change. (I can manually recreate the 
> change if necessary).
>How do I do this?
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