[p4] Binary files always locked on "Open for Edit"?

Galen Boyer galenboyerdev at hotpop.com
Wed Mar 23 11:35:31 PST 2005

"Andreas Axelsson" <Andreas.Axelsson at dice.se> writes:

> Check out 'p4 help typemap' for info on how to automatically set certain
> flags on given file types. However, typemap won't change files already
> submitted, only new adds. You still have to edit and change the flags
> for existing files, but that should be a rather easy script to write.

Ah, I see says the blind man as ... once again, Perforce is almost perfect.


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>> Jim Crossley <jim.crossley at cptii.com> writes:
>> > Galen Boyer <galenboyerdev at hotpop.com> writes:
>> >
>> >> Is there a way to do this so only one person can checkout 
>> a binary at 
>> >> a time?
>> >
>> > Check out the +l filetype modifier (p4 help filetypes)
>> Thanks, that works.
>> I do find that a bit screwy and unintuitive how Perforce 
>> makes you handle file types for all of perforce by forcing 
>> you to open some particular file for edit (even though you 
>> are trying to do it for all of perforce), change that checked 
>> out file's filetype and then, _don't forget_, if you forget 
>> the following then it doesn't take, you must also check it 
>> in.  I don't turn the water supply to my house off by 
>> shutting down my kitchen sink.

Galen Boyer

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