[p4] automatically building in the latest changelist number for abuild

Leo Zelevinsky leo.zelevinsky at gmail.com
Wed Mar 23 19:16:23 PST 2005

Thanks a lot for all your comments - this has been very interesting
read. In fact, I am going to reread it tomorrow with a more fresh mind
and see how I can apply all this information.

I think the way that we would use the changelist number is more like
what Jason is saying and less like the problems that Matthew suggests.
Currently the only thing I am concerned with is labeling release
builds, which happen every few months, are well-tested etc. So the
code is already pretty stable when we start really worrying about
having exact changelist numbers right. Really the key we are trying to
achieve is the ability to say precisely which version of each file
went into a particular release - if the released component's version
includes the latest changelist number, this is very easy to see. Maybe
there is something here I am missing right now though.

I don't think we are likely to do the base build + changelist x +
changelist y kind of thing for a long time yet - it is very alien to
the way we currently do development.

I guess when I write the version.h or version.c or whatever, this file
is not actually in Perforce, but it is a build step whenever I do sync
everything to head. So the version file will be out of date a lot of
the time, but I could write a script that will make sure that
everything gets synced / built.

Sorry for the rambliness of this comment, I am writing while I am
thinking and I am not thinking very well due to the lateness of the

Thanks again.

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