[p4] Re: Mapping a file to two locations on a client workspace

Krzysztof Kozminski kk at kozminski.com
Wed Mar 23 20:25:27 PST 2005

John Jordan wrote:
>             I found some references to this in the mailing list 
> archive,
> but they were all a few years old and I wondered if anyone has any new
> insight into this. I have the need, when setting up a client view, to
> map a common file to two locations within that client. Perforce is not
> allowing this, I assume because of the 1 to 1 file relationship within 
> a
> client, and is only bringing the last one specified in the client view
> over to the client root.
> I need to do this mainly when building for a release, where we have two
> places in the same project that need the same file. Does anyone have 
> any
> ideas on how to do this?


1) as someone already suggested, use a relative symbolic link instead 
of one of the files


2) Branch one file from another and remember to integrate any changes 
to the first one (this is ugly - nonatomic).  While I haven't used 
commit triggers, their description seems to indicate that they might be 
used to do this automatically.


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