[p4] Resolving changes to a deleted file?

Andreas Axelsson Andreas.Axelsson at dice.se
Wed Mar 23 23:31:11 PST 2005

As Paul Andrei points out, you can integrate to the new name. If you
have several files, or you want to integrate more than once, you can add
the mappings to your branchspec so they won't be forgotten.
I've asked Perforce to implement renames as a part of a file's history
instead of via the branch-delete method used today. That would
effectively remove these problems as the name would only be metadata for
a given file and not it's actual identity. Add your name to the feature
wish list and perhaps it'll happen sooner! :)


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	I want to integrate changes between 2 files on different
branches but the destination file no longer exists (as it has been

	It seems to me in this instance there are 2 options: 
	1) recreate the file 
	2) discard the change 

	>From p4win only option 1 seems to be possible. However I want
to resolve the situation by discarding the change. (I can manually
recreate the change if necessary).

	How do I do this? 

	Robin Charlton 
	rcharlton at kelseus.com 

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