[p4] Large development defect management (was: P4 with BugZilla, TeamTrack or ????)

Smith, Jeff jsmith at medplus.com
Thu Mar 24 06:35:24 PST 2005

I guess I would be interested in knowing the root cause of your users
discontent with TeamTrack.  I've used several defect tracking systems
including Bugzilla and others which are similar.  The lack of
"flexibility" is never an issue for the developers who just want to
close issues but is a problem for the organization which is trying to
enforce a workflow and track information about their defects.

I guess the point is that TeamTrack will do everything Bugzilla (and its
ilk) will do but not vice versa without considerable scripting and
possible source code changes.

I have looked at ExtraView and I was equally impressed with their
"vision" but it doesn't really look that different from TeamTrack in

I think the key is in your statement, "The Eclipse project uses Bugzilla
[...] far more effectively than we use TeamTrack."  It's not clear this
is an issue with either product but simply with the implimentations.
You could architect an equally bad implimentation of Bugzilla or an
equally good implimentation of TeamTrack.  But, having used both, I feel
it is easier to do complicated things with TeamTrack, should it be
necessary, than with Bugzilla type systems.  Of course, your
organization has to be willing to expend the resource to do the
implimentation correctly in either case or people will be unhappy no
matter what you use.


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Be careful what you wish for. We've been using TeamTrack here at Pearson

Ed. for many years and there is a large and growing contingent that 
would love to see us move to Bugzilla. We have 800+ TeamTrack users, 
many separate development teams with a diversity of projects many of 
which are large and complex. IMHO the flexibility that TeamTrack gives 
you is much more of a liability than an asset.

The Eclipse project uses Bugzilla very effectively, far more effectively

than we use TeamTrack. IMHO their model is one to emulate.

You may also want to look at ExtraView http://www.sesame.com.

For metrics look at CodeReports 
(http://www.codehistorian.com/codereports-metrics.php) and give 
SmartBear a call. They are currently in development on a new web-based 

My advice is: avoid TeamTrack and use one standard workflow for your 
whole organization. With a flexible tool like Bugzilla, I think it 
really is possible and it will make life much easier for your 
organization over the long haul.

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