[p4] Running Perforce on VMWARE GSX or ESX

Smith, Jeremy R (CACI) JeremyRobert.Smith at med.va.gov
Thu Mar 24 13:20:50 PST 2005

In my mind, the big advantage of having server virtualization comes when
there is not an easy way to separate the configuration and management of
the OS from the product it's running.  Perforce is so flexible in terms
of what hardware and software it runs on that the overhead of
virtualization doesn't seem worth it.


If you're going to run ESX, I wouldn't expect support for not using a
VM...if you're going to run GSX I would simply run Perforce's services
on the base OS.




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Hi Anthony,

We are currently looking into using VMWare's GSX Server to consolidate
our build systems onto a single server.  We don't have any plans to run
Perforce on a virtual machine, though.


There is an interesting analysis and comparison of GSX Server, ESX
Server, and Microsoft's Virtual Server 2005 here:



I can think of three reasons to use some sort of virtual server for
Perforce: server consolidation, hardware independence, and the ability
to restore an image from the past.  The metadata in Perforce is already
hardware/OS independent, via checkpoints, and checkpoints can be used to
restore previous states, so I'm guessing you are looking at VMWare for
server consolidation.


Using a virtual machine, you will suffer a performance hit--how much
depends on how you configure your server (the article, above, has a
section on performance), and which product you use (ESX Server takes the
place of on OS on the host computer, freeing up resources for the VMs to
use).  Depending on how our evaluation goes, we are willing to trade
some performance in our daily builds (and a few continuous build
processes) for hardware independence--so we don't have to keep older
build machines around to maintain past product releases.  Having our IT
department maintain and back up the server for our CM group is another


Personally, I would hesitate putting Perforce on a VM, only because
performance is such a priority.  Your priorities and goals may be
different.  Technically, I don't think you will have any problems
running Perforce in a VM; I think it would work well.





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Subject: [p4] Running Perforce on VMWARE GSX or ESX



We are planning on upgrading our perforce hardware to in the next few
days. The current perforce server is RH 8; we will be updating the OS to
RH AS 4.0. I would prefer to utilize VMWARE and run RH on top of ESX or


Is anyone running P4 on VMWARE  in production ? Any thoughts?






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