[p4] Problems integrating Perforce with TeamTrack

Dennis Poe dpoe at qualcomm.com
Wed Mar 30 16:50:31 PST 2005


You want something like this:

def replicate_p(issue):
     return (issue["PROJECTID"] in [3,4,5]
         and issue["state"] in [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11,13,15])

Your project ID's will vary.

With multiple workflows in TeamTrack you'll run into
the problem of all the status' going into Perforce.
So you'll have 2 or more "open" 2 or more "closed".
It's not pretty, so I couldn't recommend P4DTI.


At 03:50 PM 3/30/2005, Najmi, Azfar wrote:
>We've been using P4DTI, and have the following problem:
>We have multiple workflows in TeamTrack, depending on the type of issue 
>(this type is selectable by the user from a field on the issue form).
>We need certain types of issues to retain their own workflows in Perforce, 
>and other issue types to not be included in Perforce at all. However, 
>currently, *all* issues in a given table are replicated in Perforce.
>Does anyone know how to go about doing this with P4DTI?
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