[p4] Problems integrating Perforce with TeamTrack

Robert Cowham robert at vaccaperna.co.uk
Thu Mar 31 00:55:38 PST 2005

Note that P4DTI is customisable, so with things like multiple workflows you
can change the way the states map into Perforce.
Of course you then have a maintenance issue, but this is unlikely to be huge
(in comparison with the benefits).


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You want something like this:

def replicate_p(issue):
    return (issue["PROJECTID"] in [3,4,5]
        and issue["state"] in [1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,11,13,15])

Your project ID's will vary.

With multiple workflows in TeamTrack you'll run into
the problem of all the status' going into Perforce.
So you'll have 2 or more "open" 2 or more "closed".
It's not pretty, so I couldn't recommend P4DTI.


At 03:50 PM 3/30/2005, Najmi, Azfar wrote:

Weve been using P4DTI, and have the following problem:
We have multiple workflows in TeamTrack, depending on the type of issue
(this type is selectable by the user from a field on the issue form). 
We need certain types of issues to retain their own workflows in Perforce,
and other issue types to not be included in Perforce at all. However,
currently, *all* issues in a given table are replicated in Perforce.
Does anyone know how to go about doing this with P4DTI?
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