[p4] Verify -v not -v'ing...

Robert Cowham robert at vaccaperna.co.uk
Sat Oct 1 04:34:32 PDT 2005

Sounds like you haven't replaced the stub file correctly, since MISSING
means it can't find it. Are you absolutely sure you have??


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I'm using the method suggested by Richard Baum in his presentation at
Perforce 2005:


I have replaced the archive file revision (//depot/firstbin.exe#1,1) with a
stub file as explained in the paper, and am running "p4 verify -v
//depot/firstbin.exe#1,1" on the file.  According to the paper, and to the
perforce documentation, this should re-generate the MD5 signature, however
all I get is MISSING! when I run it. Again, since I don't get that error if
I put the old file back and subsequently run any flavor of p4 verify, I can
only assume that either it's doing something wrong, or that my understanding
of what it's supposed to do is wrong. Either way, fixing it up would be
nice. :)

Thanks again!

-- Joe

On 9/29/05, Jeff Jensen <jeffjensen at upstairstechnology.com> wrote: 

One scenario this will occur in is when the metadata thinks the file (or
version(s) of the file) exists but it actually does not.  Then, of course
"p4 verify -v" can't calculate the hash on a file that doesn't exist (on a
file/version), and p4 verify reports it has a missing MD5 (from metadata).
Since your note suggests you did some playing with the versioned files,
perhaps the above explains that not all is well in the versioned files now.
So perhaps the secret you seek is it needs a file/version to calculate on!



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Subject: [p4] Verify -v not -v'ing...

I appreciate the advice so far: we've managed to set perforce up how we want
it. One last small issue remains!

I'm using the method suggested by Richard Baum's "Commit Trigger Example" to
save out old revisions from an archive file and replace it with a stub file.
The method instructs me to run "p4 verify -v" on my file revision to update
the MD5 hash. However, when I do that, I get MISSING! as a result. Replacing
the file makes the MISSING! go away (as one would expect), but -v never
seems to actually work. I made the user attempting it "super" protect level,
but that still didn't do it.

What's the secret to making p4 verify -v actually recalculate the stored MD5

Thanks again for all the help!

-- Joe

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