[p4] Limiting integrations to files in a changelist, but getting all revisions

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Sat Oct 1 15:12:41 PDT 2005

It's normal when selectively integrating to be concerned with whether 
the changes in changelist 43 depend on those of changelist 42.

I was referring to a different category of dependency where the 
behavior described causes only part of the changes from 42 to be 
carried forward and they are dependent on the rest of 42. That form 
of dependency doesn't normally exist if you're doing 
changelist-oriented selective integration.


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>You would have to parse out the files from the changelist and
>integrate each of them to the changelist level. However, this has its
>dangers, as well. There will be other changelists that have the files
>from changelist 43 as well as other files. The changes picked up in
>the one set may be dependent on the changes from the other set and
>your build will break. You have a high probability of destroying the
>integrity of the source code that the atomic changelists help you preserve.
>That's always a problem when you have to selectively integrate files.
>It's no worse in this case. It's just something that has to be
>considered because the task is a necessity at times. -Wm
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