[p4] upgrade perforce question

Erin Gu egu at noteworthyms.com
Mon Oct 3 07:30:24 PDT 2005

I am moving my perforce server to a new machine, in the mean time, I need to
upgrade it from 2002.1 to the latest version.  My questions are:
1) should I restore the db from a checkpoint(generated by old p4d) first or
upgrade the db with the new p4d first?
5 restore from a checkpoint
p4d -r $P4ROOT -jr checkpoint.1033

6  upgrade the database

p4d -xu -r /home/p4user/p4root
2) the whole upgrade/restore process doesn't require the old db.*, right?
3) the perforce document says "Restart p4d with your usual parameters", does
it mean "p4d -d" or "p4 admin start"? or when I run "p4d -xu", the p4d
starts automatically?

thanks in advance,

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