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Helck, Christopher chelck at ebs.com
Wed Oct 5 08:27:32 PDT 2005

We use Fitnesse (http://fitnesse.org/) which is a Wiki and Acceptance
test framework. A user can edit/create/delete pages through his browser.
The pages are stored in a directory structure on the server. There is no
integration with SCM.

We have a number of instances of Fitnesse on different servers. Each
instance has its own set of nearly identical files. Fitnesse has an
"import" feature that lets a user copy a directory of files from one
server to another. The idea is that I would import a set of pages from a
master server and make local changes as needed. The trouble is there is
no easy way to move the changed files back to the master. There is no
easy way to check if all the changes in one local instance were merged
back to the master and then propagated out to other local instances.

I'm thinking of doing the following:

Create a depot for the test pages.
Create a branch per Fitnesse instance.
Each Fitnesse instance has a cron job that keeps the local file system
and Perforce branch in sync.
To move changes we'll use "p4 integ".

I'm not sure if Fitnesse's import feature will cause problems. If a user
imports from the master to his local instance, the cron script will
update his Perforce branch which is what I want. When I merge the local
changes back to the master both branches may contain identical changes.
I don't see this as a problem.

I am worried that the cron scripts could run into merge/resolution
issues. How should I handle it? I could coordinate the integration with
the users (perhaps bring down their instance of Fitnesse), but I'd
prefer something more automatic.

Comments? Thoughts?

Christopher Helck

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