[p4] When 2005.2?

Jessie_Kuo at ADP.com Jessie_Kuo at ADP.com
Wed Oct 5 09:51:56 PDT 2005

Regrading 2005.2, I got this from Perforce support yesterday:
"I believe that 2005.2 is scheduled to enter into beta soon. The official
release is probably still a month or two away at the earliest."

We're running 2003.2.  Does anyone have any pointers or warnings on upgrade
from 2003.2 to 2005.1?
Jessie Kuo

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I did that exact upgrade last weekend! 
Just be mindful of how big your depot is and plan accordingly for
checkpoints, backup and conversion.
Just for sanity I make a copy of the P4ROOT directory and the checkpoint
files on the chance I will need them.
-Shawn J>

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Any speculation on when 2005.2 will be released and any preview of what
could be included in the release?  Any major pitfalls of going to 2005.1
from 2004.2 on a WIN platform?


Todd  Zarnes

Intuit Eclipse SCM



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