[p4] Client confusion

J. Paul Reed preed at vmware.com
Wed Oct 5 12:20:48 PDT 2005

Jonathan Arnold wrote:

> I don't really understand; maybe there is some new nomenclature I'm not
> familiar with, but I'm not sure what you mean by "shared clients".

We have a set of clients (we call them the "common clients") that 
developers can use to refer to code that they don't need to check out, 
but that they need a copy of. They then use symlinks to network mounted 
storage to obtain access.

> And if I forget to tell everyone, their build breaks. Or even if I do tell
> everyone, they all need to go in and make the change. A real pain, albeit
> something that doesn't happen too often.

Gotcha; sounds like people should just pull in everything on the branch, 

//depot/Main/... //client/Main/...

That's likely dependent on how your depot is structured, though; that 
methodology works for us, but may not for your developers.

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