[p4] Describe Default Changelist

Zarnes, Todd Todd_Zarnes at intuit.com
Wed Oct 5 12:32:58 PDT 2005

Anybody got a nifty way of performing a 'describe' on a users default
changelist?  I suspect I have users with default changelists they have
forgotten about on out dated client specs.  Something similar to the
describe on a numbered Changelist:


Change 6043 by tzarnes1 at intuit on 2005/05/11 09:40:31 *pending*


            keep these open


Affected files ...


//QA/sandboxes/connie/projects/bldd04000042_AggRep.ini#2 edit

//QA/sandboxes/connie/projects/bldd04000042_AggRep.vtp#2 edit 


Todd  Zarnes

Intuit Eclipse SCM


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