[p4] Client confusion

Jonathan Arnold jdarnold at buddydog.org
Thu Oct 6 06:08:09 PDT 2005

Jason Williams wrote:
> Jonathan Arnold wrote:
>> J. Paul Reed wrote:
>> I don't really understand; maybe there is some new nomenclature I'm not
>> familiar with, but I'm not sure what you mean by "shared clients".  What
>> I mean by that is there are 4 developers working on a project.  They each
>> have their own client, with their own view.  But actually, the views are
>> the same, except that the destination is different. So I might have:
>>  //depot/Main/project1/...  /jarnold.project1/...
>>  //depot/Main/libs/...  /jarnold.project1/libs/...
>> and another developer might have
>>  //depot/Main/project1/...  /cgolis.project1/...
>>  //depot/Main/libs/...  /cgolis.project1/libs/...
> I assume you're sure there will never be a //depot/Main/project1/libs
> That's the problem I've always had with client paths that include other 
> client paths.

Yes.  These are all very closely related projects that use lots of common
code. So there's a couple of common folders, plus some third party folders
that pull in other components, depending on what is used.

>> The problem that comes up is if I add another path to my view because I'm
>> pulling in more common code:
>>  //depot/Main/common/... /jarnold.project1/common/...
>> And if I forget to tell everyone, their build breaks. Or even if I do 
>> tell
>> everyone, they all need to go in and make the change. A real pain, albeit
>> something that doesn't happen too often.
> One thing that strikes me about the above is the way the client 
> structure is being changed based upon the branch structure.  I've found 
> things work out a lot easier if the client structure matches the branch 
> structure.  It prevents a lot of tweaks to clientspecs to get things 
> building.
> In the above, why not use something like:
> //depot/Main/... //jarnold.project1/...
> If the build from that client work, it'll also simplify branching and 
> labeling.

The problems is that it would make for too big of a project. Too encompassing.
We try to limit a client to just what is being worked on.  If we're working
on the video subsystem, then use that.  Audio ditto, etc. So if we grab source
from other parts of the depot, we need to add a new View. Perhaps not the most
efficient use of views, but we truly are using this in a distributed way, as
our developers are scattered all over the US.

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