[p4] scripting with ticket-based authentication?

John.Davis at sophos.com John.Davis at sophos.com
Thu Oct 6 06:21:20 PDT 2005

We are using the Perforce ticket-based authentication system
(security level 3). Our IT department has deciden on a policy of
12-hour ticket expiry, which is acceptable (with some grumbles).

We have several automated scripts, though, and I can't figure
out the best way to run these without hitting problems with
ticket expiry. Is it possible to write scripts which can login
automatically? Obviously I'd rather not have plain text
passwords in scripts, or anything obviously insecure.
How do you guys manage this sort of thing?

Our environment is mixed Unix and Windows, so solutions
on either platform may be helpful. Oh, and we're using 2005.1.



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