[p4] File Filters in the Revision Graph

David Pitkin davidp at bostonpost.com
Thu Oct 6 09:30:03 PDT 2005


We caused a little bit of trouble with our depot when branches were
submitted with different cases so we have //depot/Property and
//depot/property. I emailed support about this and I hope there is some
backend magic to fix it. Anyone have any experience with this? Did it go


Where I noticed this was in the Revision Graph where the File Filter
actually lists both folders. Has anyone ever wanted their revision graph
choices to persist across different files that they viewed? I thought
that editing my workspace/Clientspec would allow me to only view a
Revision Graph of the files that I had in my view but I was mistaken.


I was hoping that it worked similar to my workspace view in p4v.



David Pitkin

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