[p4] scripting with ticket-based authentication?

Russell C. Jackson rusty at rcjacksonconsulting.com
Thu Oct 6 11:16:10 PDT 2005

You can put this in your script, but it expose the password for the account.
You could make a wrapper script that calls your main script and keep the
wrapper script secure from other users view through the protections table.

echo password|p4 login

Note the lack of spaces around the pipe symbol. It will not work if you put
a space in there.

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We are using the Perforce ticket-based authentication system (security level
3). Our IT department has deciden on a policy of 12-hour ticket expiry,
which is acceptable (with some grumbles).

We have several automated scripts, though, and I can't figure out the best
way to run these without hitting problems with ticket expiry. Is it possible
to write scripts which can login automatically? Obviously I'd rather not
have plain text passwords in scripts, or anything obviously insecure.
How do you guys manage this sort of thing?

Our environment is mixed Unix and Windows, so solutions on either platform
may be helpful. Oh, and we're using 2005.1.



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