[p4] scripting with ticket-based authentication?

Robert Cowham robert at vaccaperna.co.uk
Thu Oct 6 13:00:56 PDT 2005

P4Python can handle logins... (as can P4Ruby and probably P4Perl though I
don't use it much these days).

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> Subject: [p4] scripting with ticket-based authentication?
> We are using the Perforce ticket-based authentication system 
> (security level 3). Our IT department has deciden on a policy 
> of 12-hour ticket expiry, which is acceptable (with some grumbles).
> We have several automated scripts, though, and I can't figure 
> out the best way to run these without hitting problems with 
> ticket expiry. Is it possible to write scripts which can 
> login automatically? Obviously I'd rather not have plain text 
> passwords in scripts, or anything obviously insecure.
> How do you guys manage this sort of thing?
> Our environment is mixed Unix and Windows, so solutions on 
> either platform may be helpful. Oh, and we're using 2005.1.
> Thanks!
>         John
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