[p4] p4 *nix to p4 win

Zoltan Grose zgrose at mac.com
Thu Oct 6 14:32:02 PDT 2005

I was looking at a different tech note, now I'm looking the one  
linked above.

The two listed biggies are:
1-Reverse line-end conversion.
2-Rename files with names that differ only by case prior to moving  
them to Windows.

Item 2 seems to be N/A as the OSX Finder would probably barf if I  
tried to have /dev and /DEV in the same folder. Seems to be more of  
an issue when working with the command-line tools. Something maybe to  
note but doesn't seem worrisome in my case.

I have a followup question on item 1. As I understand it, Perforce  
will just store what I send it. That is, whether I send in \r or \r\n  
Perforce will just save it as is. As it stands right now, I've done  
p4 add from Windows or OSX and have never given a second thought to  
my line endings. My IDEs don't seem to care (or happen to be set the  
same accidentally), does P4 care or is this a note for legacy  
development platforms?

>     ps. Why change platform types?

I need a Windows machine for the ASP.NET development we are doing and  
since that machine will already be in the DMZ, I figured I'd pull  
Perforce off my personal machine to consolidate all of my servers on  
one physical box.


On Oct 6, 2005, at 1:36 PM, Jeff A. Bowles wrote:

> On Oct 6, 2005, at 10:13 AM, Zoltan Grose wrote:
>> So I'm getting a brand spanking new box in the next few weeks and  
>> I'm thinking of moving my depot over. Right now I run my server on  
>> an OS X box and the new server would be Windows. I'm going from  
>> case sensitive to case insensitive so there shouldn't be any  
>> issues there. Any other gotchas you guys can think of? We are a  
>> micro-deployment (200 MB depot, 5 users) and the IP address will  
>> remain the same so client migration is N/A.
>     There shouldn't be many issues.  I would install VNC or a  
> similar "virtual console" application on the Windows machine to  
> ease administration.
>     (Obviously, you're going to use the tech notes info for  
> converting between platform types, right?)
>     -Jeff Bowles
>     ps. Why change platform types?

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