[p4] What to do when the depot reaches a particular MB size

Bhavbhuti Nathwani venussoftop at hotpop.com
Thu Oct 6 23:30:02 PDT 2005

Hi Russell

On Thu, 6 Oct 2005 10:35:32 -0500, "Russell C. Jackson"
<rusty at rcjacksonconsulting.com> wrote:

>You can't do this right now, but it a feature that I am very much in need
>of, so please send your request for this feature to support at perforce.com so
>that they will add your name to the enhancement request for it.

As per you advice, I have just put the same post to the support
people.  As I had joked in another post to Steve that I guess the
feature should be available in 2007.3.

>The server I need this for is about 1.5 Terabytes in size, 

Wow, and I was complaining about a probable size reaching 600-700MB


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