[p4] What to do when the depot reaches a particular MB size

Bhavbhuti Nathwani venussoftop at hotpop.com
Thu Oct 6 23:30:02 PDT 2005

Hi Steve

On Thu, 06 Oct 2005 08:28:20 -0400, Stephen Vance <steve at vance.com>

>Most people will tell you to just buy more disk. It will be cheaper 
>than the time you'll spend crafting and maintaining an intricate solution.

 Yeah.  Actually the HDD I have is more than sufficient.  I was
thinking about the backup which I take on a CD-RW.  As of right now I
have the thing fitting in 165MB (database, depot and all) so it is a
long way to filling the CD and by the time there will be better DVD's
or other technology.

>The problem with your idea is that adding a few versions back in is 
>difficult. It's not impossible, but very impractical.

Okay, I get the point.  Maybe the version 2007.3 will do this at the
snap of the finger <g>.

Thanks for your response.


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