[p4] How to take a backup

Bhavbhuti Nathwani venussoftop at hotpop.com
Fri Oct 7 03:01:11 PDT 2005

My mail to you just got rejected so I am pasting the mail here below.

Hi Vishal

At 04:23 am 07/10/2005, you wrote:

>"maja ma chu" :) 

Nice to talk Gujarati in English <g>.  Seems you are situated in
Australia, how's the place and opportunities?  Been long there?

>Yup, I am looking for offline backups only. Please advise on how to go about

I also am a relatively newbie, but the response of Jeff A. Bowles is
pretty nice.  I have a small set of stuff and I keep all my Perforce
Files in C:\PerforceDepot folder.  This folder contains all the db*.*
files, journal and stuff (I have changed the P4ROOT variable to this
folder, thus).  The depot folder is under the above mentioned folder.
I checkpoint every week and remove checkpoint which are more than 3
checkpoints older.

So I just backup this one folder daily on a CD-RW and I have
successfully restored atleast twice the perforce depot upto speed
after a full format of the C drive.  But please beware I have a small
set of codes and projects and I am a one-man-show, so such a situation
is fair enough for me.

More serious responsibilities then I would look deeper into Jeff's

I can send you my batch file for checkpoint making and a bit of
rudimentary documentation if you wish.  Ofcourse they may not be
enough for your situation and may require a lot of adaptation.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me if you feel I can be of

Visiting India soon for Diwali?


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