[p4] What to do when the depot reaches a particular MB size

steve at vance.com steve at vance.com
Fri Oct 7 04:51:11 PDT 2005

For large installations, it would be worth considering talking to IC Manage
about their Caching Accelerator product. One of its features allows you to
perform storage migration to slower high availability storage based on
frequency of access.


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Hi Russell

On Thu, 6 Oct 2005 10:35:32 -0500, "Russell C. Jackson"
<rusty at rcjacksonconsulting.com> wrote:

>You can't do this right now, but it a feature that I am very much in need
>of, so please send your request for this feature to support at perforce.com so
>that they will add your name to the enhancement request for it.

As per you advice, I have just put the same post to the support
people.  As I had joked in another post to Steve that I guess the
feature should be available in 2007.3.

>The server I need this for is about 1.5 Terabytes in size, 

Wow, and I was complaining about a probable size reaching 600-700MB


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