[p4] Duplicate postings

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Fri Oct 7 07:13:26 PDT 2005

Robert --

I've only gotten duplicates from the use of Reply All as far as I can tell.

Personally, I often use Reply All simply because of the high latency 
that seems to exist on the list. I figure people asking questions to 
the list often would like fast answers and the list frequently 
doesn't deliver them. I've seen differences of several hours between 
receipt of the same message directly and through the list when others 
use Reply All.

I am posting this only to the list rather than using Reply All.


At 07:35 AM 10/7/2005, Robert Cowham wrote:
>Hi all
>I have been receiving duplicates of many postings to the list recently - the
>second one turning up an hour or two after the first - anyone else seen
>similar behaviour or is it something my end?
>Feel free to just reply to me rather than the list to avoid clogging it up
>(especially with duplicates!).
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