[p4] p4 *nix to p4 win

Jeff Grills jgrills at junctionpoint.com
Fri Oct 7 10:22:12 PDT 2005

Pretty much, yes.  If it did manage to be able to read the files and
understand them, then you'll likely also end up with wonky line end
sequences on the client as well.  "p4 verify" will also likely complain
about the files not matching the stored md5 signature.


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I see. So P4 wouldn't be able to un-delta my source unless I convert  
all the ,v files to the platform's native line-endings. Is that a  
good summary?

On Oct 7, 2005, at 10:14 AM, Jeff Grills wrote:

> No, the metadata is all in the db.* files, or the checkpoint which  
> you will
> restore on the new platform.  The *,v files are the delta-stored  
> archive
> files.
> j

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