[p4] scripting with ticket-based authentication?

steve at vance.com steve at vance.com
Sat Oct 8 10:02:16 PDT 2005

Tickets are stored in a local directory that is supposed to be read-only
for the user logging in. (Note that if the same OS user logs in to multiple
Perforce accounts, there will be multiple tickets for a single OS user but
the storage location should be private to the OS user.) If this directory
or the tickets in it are deleted or if you change hardware in a way that
does not preserve the tickets, it will invalidate the login. On the server
side, the tickets are persistent and good until their expiration or logout,
whichever comes first.


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The only thing I can think of that will invalidate the ticket would be a
"p4 logout -a".  I'm pretty sure we've even upgraded our perforce server
and the ticket still was valid.


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Jeff Grills wrote:
> I've been in this exact situation before.  Perforce ticket expiration 
> times are based on groups, and users in multiple groups get the 
> longest timeout of any of the groups.  You can also set the timeout 
> for a group to be 0, indicating that the ticket never expires.

Are ticket expiration times persistent?
Is there anything that would force you to get another ticket?  Shutting 
down Perforce, rebooting, etc.

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