[p4] How to start fresh and retain users and workspaces?

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Sat Oct 8 17:57:11 PDT 2005

I've written a script, but I don't have it handy. Basically, you just 
want to use -o to archive the specs. Just leaving db.client won't do 
the trick. There are depots, labels and workspaces in db.domain and 
elements of those and branches in db.view.

In Bourne shell, something like

for user in `p4 users | cut -f 1`
   p4 user -o $user > user.$user

to save the specs and

for spec in `ls user.*`
   p4 user -f -i < $spec

to restore them.

Do this for protect, typemap, users, branches, clients and whatever 
else you want to preserve. It would take slightly different process, 
but you could also do this for counters.

With security level 3, the passwords will not be preserved. If you 
want to do that, you could filter all the db.user records out of the 
checkpoint or preserve the db.user file.


At 02:19 PM 10/8/2005, Jeff Jensen wrote:
>I am rolling out Perforce at my customer.  We have been playing with a 30
>user eval license this past week.  We've practiced the file & history
>conversion about 6 times (of about 7000 source files resulting in over
>15,000 changelists; the VSS -> P4 script is really fantastic - salute to the
>authors and thank you for doing it!! :-).
>It is time for final rollout prep/cleanup.  I would like to just delete all
>the files (both db.* and source files) and start fresh.  However, I would
>rather not lose all the created user accounts and their workspaces, as they
>are all set for production use.
>What is the best advice for clearing everything out, yet not having to
>retype all the users and workspaces?
>Has anyone ever just deleted all the db.* files except the client and user
>ones?  I hesitate on that, especially anything but the db.user table (and on
>that one too!).
>Does anyone have a script that extracts user and/or workspace info to files,
>and will reload the info?  (If yes, what happens to the password on
>I also wonder about obliterating everything and manually setting the change
>counter to 1.
>I will appreciate hearing your advice and experiences!  TIA!
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