[p4] How to take a backup

Vishal vishals at maxit.com.au
Sun Oct 9 23:37:02 PDT 2005

Hello Jeff,

Thank you for the response. I am a slow learner so please bear with me if I
ask dumb questions. Today, I was trying to take a backup on a totally new
machine and it wasn't working. I created a checkpoint and a journal and
copied them along with the db.* files from the server. I would also like to
mention that my p4root is on E drive. I created a new server in my test
machine with the same user name my p4root was in C:\Program file\perforce
and pasted all the files from the existing server to this particular server.
When I ran the command 
"p4d -r $p4root -jr checkpoint.3 journal.2 " it gave me a error

"Perforce server error:
        Root directory (set with $P4ROOT or -r flag) invalid.
        chdir: $p4root: The system cannot find the file specified."
I assume it has to do with my p4root changing in 2 different places. But in
our server I can't store files in C drive and in my test machine I don't
have any E drive. I would also like to mention that I have closed down the
perforce server before issuing the commands. I am lost now on what should I
do. If you could advise on where I am going wrong or give me certain steps
which I should follow would really be helpful.

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