[p4] How to take a backup

Stephen Vance steve at vance.com
Mon Oct 10 06:47:22 PDT 2005

On Windows the syntax for variables is %P4ROOT%, not $p4root. Also, 
environment variables don't know to look at the Perforce registry settings.

Treat $p4root as a symbolic placeholder and put the path to your 
intended directory there and things should work.

You will also want to remove the db.* files before trying to restore 
from checkpoint or you risk duplicating all of your metadata. Also, 
if you are using more than two users or two client workspaces in your 
checkpoint, you won't be able to restore from checkpoint without a 
valid license file.


At 02:37 AM 10/10/2005, Vishal wrote:
>Hello Jeff,
>Thank you for the response. I am a slow learner so please bear with me if I
>ask dumb questions. Today, I was trying to take a backup on a totally new
>machine and it wasn't working. I created a checkpoint and a journal and
>copied them along with the db.* files from the server. I would also like to
>mention that my p4root is on E drive. I created a new server in my test
>machine with the same user name my p4root was in C:\Program file\perforce
>and pasted all the files from the existing server to this particular server.
>When I ran the command
>"p4d -r $p4root -jr checkpoint.3 journal.2 " it gave me a error
>"Perforce server error:
>         Root directory (set with $P4ROOT or -r flag) invalid.
>         chdir: $p4root: The system cannot find the file specified."
>I assume it has to do with my p4root changing in 2 different places. But in
>our server I can't store files in C drive and in my test machine I don't
>have any E drive. I would also like to mention that I have closed down the
>perforce server before issuing the commands. I am lost now on what should I
>do. If you could advise on where I am going wrong or give me certain steps
>which I should follow would really be helpful.
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