[p4] No file state icons in explorer

Branko Peteh branko at sidestep.com
Mon Oct 10 11:43:51 PDT 2005


Thanks for the tip, but it doesn't help. Selecting 'Refresh File State'
completes really fast,  and nothing changes. I tried on the top level and
lower levels, but still no icons. It's as fast as if it doesn't do anything.

Executing 'Sync To Head Revision' works fine. 

Does one need to have explorer folder views in particular setting? I've tried
even changing those, but no icons.

Many thanks,

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Covered this one before.
Make sure the workspace belongs to your default client spec.

Right click on the top level directory and then select the Perforce menu
option Then select the refresh file state option.

-Shawn J>

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I've installed the latest perforce client on Win XP/Professional. Everything
seems fine, except I can't get the file state icons to show up. I checked
that the option in the pop-up menu Perforce->More->Preferences is set
(checked). I've even tried un-checking and checking it again, but no icons.
Post installation, the machine was rebooted.

Has anyone come across this/seen this? 

Any help is greatly appreciated!

Thank you,
Branko Peteh

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