[p4] Perforce server upgrade from 2003.1 to 2005.1

Ryan Dooley rd at YAHOO-INC.COM
Tue Oct 11 19:01:43 PDT 2005


If it helps any, I just migrated one of our perforce servers from
Solaris 2001.1 to Linux x86 2005.1.  The documentation from perforce.com
was all that I used (moving between architectures, ie, copy the depot
and the journal/checkpoint files to the new host and regenerate the db.*
files.  Worked like a charm minus the unexpected time the process of a
"p4 verify" on the much older host took and I also had about 20% of the
data you have.

The upgrade was done in about a 4 hour window one night and 85% of the
time was the p4 verify on the old host, 10% of the time was the rsync,
and the 5% of the time was a p4 verify on the new host.  YMMV with the
hardware you're moving between.

> We are planning to upgrade our Perforce server from version 2003.1 to
> 2005.1. The server is running on Linux 2.4 x86. Currently, I am
> reviewing P4 release notes for upgrade procedures. Just wan to check
> if there are any notes or experiences that you can share about such
> upgrade. Also, do you know how to estimate downtime it might take to
> complete the server upgrade including upgrade of db schema? We have
> about 13 GB in total size of P4 db tables. 

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