[p4] Using p4jrep for a hot standby

Jamison, Shawn sjamison at ciena.com
Wed Oct 12 09:06:37 PDT 2005

Why not just have them share an external raid array and eliminate the risk of mirroring metadata and depot files?
That way all you would have to do is start the p4d service on the "Hot" spare and your off.
-Shawn J>

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Greetings and good evening,


My first post to the list. We're just working on a new perforce installation here at Everdream.


I've purchased two different machines, one as a primary perforce server, one as a hot or "warm" standby - preferably a hot one. Both are fairly high end Linux/Opteron machines.


In the case of a hot standby, I was looking at p4jrep. It seems to do a good job of making sure the second machine's metadata is accurately mirrored. What I wasn't sure of in this picture is how to then also mirror the versioned files to the second machine - rsync periodically, or another method?


What approaches have you typically used successfully in this configuration? Any advice much appreciated.






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