[p4] Facilitating code reviews?

Lee Marzke lee at marzke.net
Wed Oct 12 19:46:13 PDT 2005


P4DB and p4WEB are nice building blocks in that they take URL's for 
arguments, which can
be a change list.   You can just email the URL to the reviewer(s).

Non-trivial changes are often spread over several change lists the 
developers client, so a general
process for handling code reviews is to work on private developer 
branches.  The developer can then
work on several changes at once, but still have them reviewed 
separately. One of the most useful
reports for this is the label-to-label difference report in P4DB. 
Unfortunately, this requires use of  labels.

You can easily script added labels to the beginning and end of  the 
private workspace,  and
then email out a P4DB URL to the reviewer.   Triggers can also be used 
to prevent check-in
until authorized by the reviewer.

I've found that many clients wanted more of a complete solution for 
reviews and have
written some small web applications and python scripts to implement the 
above work flow,
unfortunately every company has wanted this done in a very different way.

Lee Marzke

Robin Charlton wrote:
> Our development process demands that we carry out a code review prior 
> to submitting changes to the main branch. However this should occur 
> after the changes are integrated and resolved.
> So if I have a changelist containing my changed files, is there an 
> easy way to produce a summary of the differences that I can distribute 
> to other engineers for review?
> Thanks!
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> Robin
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