[p4] Disappearing changelists

J. Paul Reed preed at vmware.com
Thu Oct 13 15:24:23 PDT 2005

Hey all; sorry if this has been asked before, but I'm having a problem 
with editing change descriptions, and I'm wondering if there's an easier 
way to solve this issue.

I've got a validation trigger to validate some input for changespecs.

Now, assume a user sits down, writes out a beautiful 50 line change 
description, and mungs one of the fields; Perforce will say "validation 
error," and print out the error message. They will get another 
opportunity to edit the form if they say yes.

Alright, so far, so good.

If they make some corrections, but the form still has errors on the 
second check, Perforce will give up with a "Specification not corrected 
-- giving up." message, which is fine, but then it blows away the temp 
file it was using, meaning they just lost their nice long description.

Without playing games with P4EDITOR (which is what I'll have to do if 
there's no way to do this), is there anyway to make Perforce leave that 
temporary file around, so people can retrieve it?

Build/Release Engineer
preed at vmware.com
(650) 475-5248

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