[p4] Mirroring servers

Whitfield, Greg gwhitfield at europe.ea.com
Sun Oct 16 11:47:59 PDT 2005

Has anyone any experience in trying to get an effective system for
mirroring code lines in two separate Perforce servers?
In my case I have a remote set of users who develop their own code as an
extension to code at the central server. There is a need to integrate
this code back into the main product periodically (although not
frequently), and this may include changes to the original code in
addition to new modules supplied by the remote site.
Currently this is being done using a proxy server. But because of the
geographical separation of sites, network latency causes a real
performance problem in day to day usage of Perforce for the large user
base on the remote site. I.e. even though the proxy does a good job of
caching the files, all operations in P4Win/P4V still require a roundtrip
to the central server.
A secondary issue is that if the network link is down, the remote site's
Perforce access is effectively blocked.
Remote depots have been suggested, where the remote site mounts the
original source, and branches locally from that. While that cures the
performance and link liabilities, the downside there is that this is a
one way link - the changes from the remote site cannot be integrated
back to the central server.
So has anyone any ideas, guidelines or gotchas on mechanisms to support
parallel development of a code line across two servers, with
integrations flowing both ways?
Any thoughts much appreciated.
Greg Whitfield 
Chief Architect 
Criterion Software Ltd
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