[p4] depot symlink syncs to linux directory as the file it points at instead of a symlink

Roger Girard rgirard at broadbus.com
Mon Oct 17 08:24:07 PDT 2005



I am evaluating the release 2005.1 for my team. It is my 1st time
working with Perforce.


I am seeing some of the symlinks in the depot loaded onto my hard drive
in the workspace as the file the link points at instead of the actual


The depot knows the element is a symlink when I look in the P4V GUI or
run "p4 fstat".

The P4V GUI reports the symlinks as symlinks in the workspace but the
linux command line usage of "ls -al" and "file" show the elements not to
be symbolic links.


I am able to remove the elements in the workspace then re"sync" and they
are now symlinks.

If I remove the entire workspace directory structure from the top level
directory then re"sync" the elements are back to being the file pointed
at instead of the symlink.


Has anyone seen this type of behavior using a Linux server/client and
the latest release 2005.1 or earlier?


Thanks greatly,


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