[p4] how to fix MISSING file version errors from p4 verify ?

Patrick Lo plo at wischip.com
Mon Oct 17 18:33:36 PDT 2005

Hi there,


I recently ran "p4 verify" against our P4 depots, it has returned with
following errors. 

    //depot2/hw/projects/gomer/pd/chip/ccvbi.vgp#1 - add change 31073
(text) 00000000000000000000000000000000 MISSING!


It seems there was a hard disk issue with our P4 server seven months
ago. This issue was caused, but it has never been fixed. Anyhow, I am
new to site. This is much of story I've heard about it. If any of you
can share procedures on how to fix it, it is greatly appreciated.


I have attached some file record on this version for your info. 


Thanks and Regards,




$ p4 filelog -i -l //depot2/hw/projects/gomer/pd/chip/ccvbi.vgp#1

... #1 change 31073 add on 2005/03/16 by chlin at chlin_gomer (text)


        Post P&R netlist based on gomer_pli_031305 scan netlist.


... ... branch into


$ p4 filelog -l


... #1 change 31497 branch on 2005/03/29 by yuan at yuan_jbranch_hal (text)


        Integrate with jethro_release_0511_3


... ... branch from //depot2/hw/projects/gomer/pd/chip/ccvbi.vgp#1


$ p4 labels //depot2/hw/projects/gomer/pd/chip/ccvbi.vgp#1

Label FPGA_031605 2005/03/16 'Created by bfang. '

Label gomer_pli_031605 2005/03/17 'Created by ttanaka. '

Label gomerpu_031705 2005/03/17 'Gomer Label with all known PU issues
resolved '

Label jethro_model_0511_3 2005/03/17 'Created by regr. '

Label jethro_release_0511_3 2005/03/17 'Created by regr. '



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