[p4] One set of Codebase for 2 versions of the app

Bhavbhuti Nathwani venussoftop at hotpop.com
Tue Oct 18 08:06:57 PDT 2005

Hi Steve

On Tue, 18 Oct 2005 07:43:08 -0400, Stephen Vance <steve at vance.com>

>When you branch, you create a work area in the depot in a different 
>depot directory from the source. Typically, you will also create a 
>new workspace in a different directory location on your disk. You 
>don't manage both source bases from the same directory as the original.
>Unfortunately, it's somewhat difficult to maintain parallel changes 
>in binary files. If you have a tool that does diffs and merges for 
>that particular file type, you can add it into P4Win as a handler for 
>those extensions.

It seems there is a time difference between your reponse, my receiving
the response by email and the appearance here.  Hope you already have
received the email regarding the same.  If not I can post the same
here again.

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