[p4] how to fix MISSING file version errors from p4 verify ?

Jeff Grills jgrills at drivensnow.org
Tue Oct 18 17:54:04 PDT 2005

Woah!  Obliteration should be a last resort.  If I was you, I would start a
second (unlicensed) server and submit the file to the same location in the
second perforce server.  If you happen to have all the revisions somewhere,
then I'd submit the revisions in order to reconstruct the history of the
file.  If you don't have the correct file revisions, I'd submit some sort of
text file that explains why the file contents are missing, and edit+submit
for as many revisions as are necessary.  Stop the second server, and copy
the archive file that was generated (it should be reasonably easy to find)
back to the first server.  Then re-run your "p4 verify" on the original
server to get all your file signatures correct.
Bummer to hear you have an "upgrade only" contract.  In every company that
I've worked for with perforce, it is mission-critical software.  I know
perforce reasonably well,  and I wouldn't feel safe without available
support.  Perforce sales/licensing is pretty reasonable - they'd probably
let you pay the difference between your current support contract and a full
support contract and let you upgrade.  I'd be lobbying for that if I was in
your position.

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Thanks for the info. 

I did try to contact Perforce support, but I was redirected to this user
community since we have upgrade-only contact. I've first learnt that there
are separate contacts for P4 upgrade and for P4 support. Well, it is to do
with company's budget, which not in my control. I have confirmed with the
file's owner that this version is never needed, nor is referenced in any
releases. So, I am going to try if I can obliterate this particular version
and hope that it clears out this issue.







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Basically you need to get the missing version from your backups.


I would ask support for help on this as they also have some utilities which
are useful to recreate RCS format files etc.



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