[p4] Moving directories to depots

Roger Duffus rduffus at ati.com
Wed Oct 26 07:31:34 PDT 2005

We have a bit of a problem here.  We have a depot sitting on drive A
which is almost full. It consists of several projects. We want to move
to a one depot per project situation on drive B. I want to move some
directories from A and make them depots in B. How can I do this? I need
to recover some space on drive A because the remaining projects are
growing yet still maintain the links. Is there a way to do this?
My initial thought was to integrate the directories from A to new depots
in B. Then obliterate the old data from A. I was told that the data
would not be removed from A if there were some branches/integrations to
it. This will not help our drive situation at all. Comments?
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