[p4] Moving directories to depots

Roger Duffus rduffus at ati.com
Thu Oct 27 07:04:48 PDT 2005

Thanks Jeff,
I think we have found a solution. Sorry for the vagueness we are using
Unix and NTFS drives here. This happens when you are stressing out.
Basically we broke the direction on drive A, moved the data to drive B
then created a hard link back to drive A.
I think X1800 is out of stock.
Roger Duffus

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I don't think you really want to move to a depot per project - separate
local depots really aren't that useful on a single machine.  You can
certainly solve the disk space problem without resorting to multiple
You didn't indicate the server platform, although you mention "drive A"
so you're likely running a Windows server, and I'll also assume you're
running on NTFS and all the file systems are local.  You should be able
to move some directories from drive A to drive B and use NTFS junction
points to link from the old directory location on drive A to the new
directory location on drive B.  You can get a tool to create junction
points from http://www.sysinternals.com/Utilities/Junction.html.
If you're using a UNIX based server platform, you can do the same thing
(and more) with UNIX symbolic links (ln -s).
While I've never personally run a server over junction points on
Windows, I have done it with UNIX symbolic links.  The two are basically
equivalent when dealing with directories, so I can't imagine you'd have
any problems.  You might consider contacting support, though, and ask
I could use a new X1800 while you're at it...
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	We have a bit of a problem here.  We have a depot sitting on
drive A which is almost full. It consists of several projects. We want
to move to a one depot per project situation on drive B. I want to move
some directories from A and make them depots in B. How can I do this? I
need to recover some space on drive A because the remaining projects are
growing yet still maintain the links. Is there a way to do this?
	My initial thought was to integrate the directories from A to
new depots in B. Then obliterate the old data from A. I was told that
the data would not be removed from A if there were some
branches/integrations to it. This will not help our drive situation at
all. Comments?
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