[p4] XML output for changelist descriptions

paul.ross at symbian.com paul.ross at symbian.com
Fri Oct 28 07:44:32 PDT 2005

I am talking to Perforce support about this very thing...

For various operational reasons we need for XML output so I wrote some 
Python scripts that use the -G global option. They then capture the Python 
marshalled objects from p4 and then write out the information in XML. It 
occurred to me that this would be even better (and language agnostic) if 
there was a '-X' option in the Perforce client that wrote a response to 
stdout in XML.

The advantages would be that the output of the p4 client with '-X' would 
a) Language agnostic.
b) Structured.
c) Would have a stronger element of contract in place in that perforce 
could control and manage the DTD of the XML output. 

As an example of my scripts, here is the p4 client invoked directly:
$ p4 describe -s 123456
Change 123456 by PaulRo at LON-PAULR001 on 2005/10/11 17:40:49

        Clearer examples in DifferEngine. Slight change to DifferRefdoc 
that allows coloured text for strike and bold.

Affected files ...

... //foo/bar/dev/DifferEngine.py#9 edit
... //foo/bar/dev/DifferRefdoc.py#16 edit
... //foo/bar/dev/GuideXmlWriter.py#4 edit

Here is the result of a python script that unmarshals the p4 -G response:
$ python p4call.py describe 123456

-- Item: 0--
action0: edit
action1: edit
action2: edit
change: 123456
client: LON-PAULR001
code: stat
depotFile0: //foo/bar/dev/DifferEngine.py
depotFile1: //foo/bar/dev/DifferRefdoc.py
depotFile2: //foo/bar/dev/GuideXmlWriter.py
desc: Clearer examples in DifferEngine. Slight change to DifferRefdoc that 
allows coloured text for strike and bold.

rev0: 9
rev1: 16
rev2: 4
status: submitted
time: 1129048849
type0: text
type1: text
type2: text
user: PaulRo

Now here is a posible way of unmarshalling the p4 client output and 
expressing that in XML:
$ python p4client.py describe 123456
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
    <P4Command status="submitted" OK="True" execTime="0.308" 
changelist="123456" command="describe" timeAscii="Tue Oct 11 16:40:49 
      <Description>Clearer examples in DifferEngine. Slight change to 
DifferRefdoc that allows coloured text for strike and bold.</Description>
        <FileDescription action="edit" type="text" 
depotFile="//foo/bar/dev/DifferEngine.py" revision="9"/>
        <FileDescription action="edit" type="text" 
depotFile="//foo/bar/dev/DifferRefdoc.py" revision="16"/>
        <FileDescription action="edit" type="text" 
depotFile="//foo/bar/dev/GuideXmlWriter.py" revision="4"/>

I am already talking to Perforce support about this and I am hopeful that 
I might be able to (at least partially) release these scripts to the 
Perforce community.


Paul Ross
Technology Architect: System Documentation

perforce-user-bounces at perforce.com wrote on 28/10/2005 13:50:40:

> Hi there, 
> Just wondering if anyone has written a tool or knows of a way to get
> a changelist description into XML format?
> Thanks in advance...
> Sean.

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