[p4] Time zone problem with VSS and vsstop4

Jeff Jensen jeffjensen at upstairstechnology.com
Sat Oct 29 19:47:38 PDT 2005


In our test runs of vsstop4, we uncovered time zone handling problems in
both VSS and vsstop4.

The main question we have is, must the vsstop4 conversion script use the VSS
file checkin times instead of the file version numbers to determine the
submit order into Perforce?  (not sure if only Robert Cowham can answer this
or not!)

Here is a scenario to explain the problems with both products:
Country A and B, 6 hours time zone difference.  Both user groups using the
same VSS server, located in country A.

At 6:00 pm in country A (noon in country B), user checks in file "File.txt",
creating version 5.
At 1:00 pm in country B (7:00p country A), user checks in file "File.txt",
creating version 6.

The problem is, it seems VSS uses the client's time, not the server time.
So VSS registers version 5 checkin as 6:00 pm and version 6 checkin as 1:00
pm.  Not good!

The second problem is, the "vsstop4" conversion script respects the checkin
times, not the version numbers, to determine the order to put the file
versions into Perforce.  The vsstop4 readme file confirms our results with
"Sort order is based on time...This may result in two revisions of a file
appearing to be out of order.", 

So after running, Perforce has the country B checkin as version 5 and the
country A checkin as version 6 - switched!

We have almost 40,000 files to convert with almost 3 years of history (takes
about 4 hours to run the conversion of 2 VSS databases), so this isn't quite
a minor thing to us...
Hoping someone has a solution, perhaps even a patch!  :-)

vsstop4 is really a great product, and I am still amazed after having run it
so many times!

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