[p4] Time zone problem with VSS and vsstop4

Jeff Jensen jeffjensen at upstairstechnology.com
Sun Oct 30 07:00:28 PST 2005

Thanks Robert - That's a great idea; a utility to report the pervasiveness
of the problem would determine our needed course of action.  Thank you in
advance :-)

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It's a known problem that is on the list to fix/address.

The reasons the scripts use time for sorting is to group files into

In the first instance I may see if a little utility to report on the scale
of the problem. For example one company found 4 files with their problem and
just lived with the results.

I will have a look next week and see if I can get some resources sorted to
get something done.


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> Subject: [p4] Time zone problem with VSS and vsstop4
> Hi,
> In our test runs of vsstop4, we uncovered time zone handling problems 
> in both VSS and vsstop4.
> The main question we have is, must the vsstop4 conversion script use 
> the VSS file checkin times instead of the file version numbers to 
> determine the submit order into Perforce?
> (not sure if only Robert Cowham can answer this or not!)
> Here is a scenario to explain the problems with both products:
> Country A and B, 6 hours time zone difference.  Both user groups using 
> the same VSS server, located in country A.
> At 6:00 pm in country A (noon in country B), user checks in file 
> "File.txt", creating version 5.
> At 1:00 pm in country B (7:00p country A), user checks in file 
> "File.txt", creating version 6.
> The problem is, it seems VSS uses the client's time, not the server 
> time.
> So VSS registers version 5 checkin as 6:00 pm and version 6 checkin as 
> 1:00 pm.  Not good!
> The second problem is, the "vsstop4" conversion script respects the 
> checkin times, not the version numbers, to determine the order to put 
> the file versions into Perforce.
> The vsstop4 readme file confirms our results with "Sort order is based 
> on time...This may result in two revisions of a file appearing to be 
> out of order.",
> So after running, Perforce has the country B checkin as version 5 and 
> the country A checkin as version 6 - switched!
> We have almost 40,000 files to convert with almost 3 years of history 
> (takes about 4 hours to run the conversion of 2 VSS databases), so 
> this isn't quite a minor thing to us...
> Hoping someone has a solution, perhaps even a patch!  :-)
> vsstop4 is really a great product, and I am still amazed after having 
> run it so many times!

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