[p4] Time zone problem with VSS and vsstop4

Chuck Karish chuck.karish at gmail.com
Mon Oct 31 09:23:11 PST 2005

On 10/29/05, Jeff Jensen <jeffjensen at upstairstechnology.com> wrote:

> The problem is, it seems VSS uses the client's time, not the server time.
> So VSS registers version 5 checkin as 6:00 pm and version 6 checkin as 1:00
> pm.  Not good!

Even more not good, if VSS discovers that a checkin would seem to
make time run backwards it changes the checkin times of previously-
submitted file versions. I found this out when a user set back his
PC's clock by two weeks to extend the life of a program's free trial period.

It may not be possible to fix all anomalies in VSS histories programmatically.


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