[p4] 2006.1 client checker?

Patrick Bennett patrick.bennett at inin.com
Mon Jul 10 19:12:07 PDT 2006

Karl Elvis MacRae wrote:
> I'm looking at 2006.1 and I'm concerned about this:
> (from the release notes)
> #89366 **
> 	    Wildcards (..., *, or %%x) are no longer allowed to be
> 	    right next to each other in file arguments or views.
> 	    Putting them together serves no useful purpose and consumes
> 	    CPU as the server tries to deal with the combinations.
> 	    (Bug #11188).
> What I'm getting from this is that a client mapping like this won't work anymore:
>      //depot/foo/....../bar/...    //my_client/foo/....../bar/...
That mapping doesn't make any sense.  '...' is already defined as a full 
subtree mapping, repeating it won't accomplish anything (other than to 
confuse Perforce - which they apparently fixed).
> (I know this is a dumb mapping, but it works in 2005.2, albeit with a performance cost)
> My question is this - has anyone written a checker that will find (or better yet, fix) non-compliant clients? I have LOTS of clients that use mappings like the above (we had some sloppy code in an automated client generator), and I'll need to fix all these before I upgrade, I assume.
As well you should.  :>
> Anyone had issues with this new 'feature'? 
No, but we don't have any client specs that are so... odd.   ;)


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